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Hidden Hollow Construction is a general contractor which was established in 1979. We specialize in restaurant design and construction. We will assist you at every stage of your project from pre-construction to completion. We feel that in order to offer you the utmost benefit that it's important that we be involved in as many phases of your project as possible. We'd be more than happy to assist you with site selection, lease negotiating, architectural services, new and used equipment, interior design and all phases of your project to the grand opening. We work very closely with our customers to ensure that their wishes are achieved. We also provide advice and alternative solutions which can save our customers time and money without compromising our quality.

We are very proud of the rock solid reputation we have achieved in the community. We are a relatively small company which we feel gives us an edge as our personal service and response time to our customers is unmatched. We have two supervisors who have been with us for fourteen years. The majority of our work is done in house. If there is work which needs to be subcontracted out then we generally use subcontractors who have worked for us for over fifteen years.

Our goal is to operate in a manner to achieve our clients goals on time, on budget, and with the highest standards of integrity. We strive to far-exceed the expectations of our customers. We encourage our clients to check any of our many references with regards to our company. We possess one of the oldest contractors licenses in the state as we have been in business for thirty years. Due to our vast experience in all types of restaurant construction and our close team approach to our jobs, we don't feel that any other company can offer as much to a customer.


All design is value/product engineered to use as little new/modify existing as much as possible, (sometimes older is better) as much is left in place in a remodel as possible to re purpose/reuse all available. The Majority of materials removed are recycled in various ways:

  • All metals are separated and employees recycle and are allowed to split monies they receive, we have seen a large decrease in our roll off/dumpster billings since we implemented this and happier employees! (all contemplated savings are figured into bids/budgets).
  • Many materials which can easily be re used are donated to Habitat For Humanity ( doors, hardware, light fixtures, appliances, sinks etc.).
  • Inorganic fill (concrete/asphalt) are sent to a specialty landfill that keeps this material separated from other fills so we do not use valuable landfill space and it is used as fill for roads etc.
  • A small portion of mixed rubbish is sent to a traditional landfill.
  • The majority of our studs for wall framing etc. are steel made from post-consumer recycled steel (old cars and washing machines).


Design & Consultation

The need for construction services begins long before people, materials and equipment arrive on site. We offer assistance in the planning and design stages of each project, when the critical cost and schedule decisions are being made. This relationship continues through the construction phase and typically includes additional services such as general contracting and/or construction management.

General Contracting

We can assume direct responsibility for all construction phase activities. From design development through construction, we make your project a priority. Our contracts range from "strict bids" for straight forward projects to the "costs-plus" method for the complex, evolving remodels.

Construction Management

Today, many clients want to be in control of their construction project but lack the expertise in orchestrating such an event. For these unique situations, we offer project management services. These services enable our clients to have the total control of their project and the added peace of mind in knowing they have access to managerial counsel when they need it.

Restaurant Improvements

We offer many types of restaurant services. From minor repairs such as grease trap installations to health department upgrades, from full kitchen renovations to tile and FRP repairs, from fine dining to fast food - no project is too large or too small.

Kitchen Design / Installation

We can assist in designing all your food service needs, including specifying equipment, layouts, budgets,all the way to purchasing and installing. No matter how small or how custom.


  • Abygails Bakery & Cafe
  • Acacia
  • Acacia Real Food and Cocktails
  • Amplimed
  • Ascend Day Spa
  • Az Beds
  • Bakehouse breads production facility( 24,000 sq. ft.)
  • Banquet on a Bun
  • Beijing
  • Bennar's
  • Beyond Bread (prod. kitchen)
  • Bistro Phillipe
  • Bob's
  • Bol Weevil
  • BTO
  • Buddy's Grill - Houghton
  • Buster's
  • Caffe Torino in the Foothills
  • Caffe Diva
  • Caffe Milano
  • Cafe Pariso
  • Caffe Torino
  • Cafe Torino Pizza Bar
  • Chile Verde Sonoran Grill
  • Christina's Nails & Spa
  • City Grill
  • Chef Shawns
  • China A
  • China Combo
  • Choice Greens Express
  • Coach's Deli
  • Contigo
  • Country Club of La Cholla
  • Curves
  • Dan's Italian Kitchen
  • Delectables
  • Dickman's Meat & Deli
  • Dreher's
  • Eatza Pizza
  • El Coqui
  • El Guero Canelo East
  • El Guero Canelo - new location
  • Elle Bistro
  • El Taco Tote
  • Embassy Suites
  • Enoteca
  • Extreme Pita
  • 47 Coffee Shop
  • 58 Degrees & Holding Co.
  • Fenton investments
  • FioRito's
  • Food Conspiracy - Co-op commissary kitchen
  • Food Conspiracy Co-op grocery store
  • Frog's Organic Bakery
  • Fun City
  • Garden Cafe
  • Gourmet Girls
  • Graze Burgers
  • Gusto
  • Harvest
  • Honey Baked Ham
  • Iron Grille
  • Italia
  • It's a Grind
  • Keaton's - Foothills Mall
  • Keaton's - Tanque Verde
  • Knext Salon-Gallery
  • Koi Sushi
  • Kokobana
  • LaFerlita Pizzaria
  • LaRocca's
  • Le Buzz (kitchen Remodel)
  • Level Lounge
  • Lodge in the Desert
  • Lovin Spoonfuls
  • Maloney's - Flagstaff
  • Maloney's - Tucson
  • Mandarin Garden
  • Maribelle Cakery
  • Maynard's
  • Maynard's Market
  • McFadden Gavender Advertising
  • Mercado San Agustin (design & F&B)
  • Mini's Cupcakes
  • Mini's Cupcakes (Oracle Rd.)
  • Miraval
  • Mrs. Brown's Burger Barn
  • Nail Trix
  • Neo of Melaka
  • Nimarco's - Flagstaff
  • Nico's Tacos - Swan Rd.
  • Nico's Tacos - Oro Valley
  • Nico's Tacos - Vail
  • Nonie
  • Old Pueblo Grille
  • Pearl's Nails
  • Performance Footwear
  • Phoenician Resort
  • Pizzaria Mimosa (design & F&B)
  • Queen Doughnuts
  • Royal Kabob
  • Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink - Food and beverage
  • Reilly's Beer Garden
  • Salsa Brava - Flagstaff
  • Salsa Brava - Page
  • Sam Hughes Place (co-general)
  • Sandalwood Salon
  • Seri Melaka
  • Scott & Co
  • Shlomo & Vito's
  • Smokin - Orange Grove
  • Smokin - Swan Rd.
  • Sour Apple
  • Sports Buzz - two locations
  • Spankie's
  • Strombollies - Flagstaff
  • Strombollies - Page
  • Sundaze Yogurt
  • Sur Real
  • Taco's Don Juan
  • Tap-N-Bottle
  • Ten's
  • The Grille at Hacienda Del Sol
  • Tohono Chul Tea Room (kitchen remodel)
  • Torino Ristorante
  • Torino in the foothills
  • Torres Blancos
  • Tough luck bar
  • Tucson Tamale
  • Tucson Tamale, Oracle Road
  • Urban Fresh
  • Video City - three locations
  • Viro's Italian Bakery
  • Welman Sperides Mickelberg - Architects
  • Wildflower
  • Windemere Real Estate - Oro Valley
  • World Wide Wraps
  • Yen Salon - two locations
  • Zona 78


"If Webster's Dictionary had a definition for Hidden Hollow Construction, and its owner Ted Curtis it would read as follows: Integrity, professionalism, execution, commitment, old school work values and ethics, with a tremendous sense of urgency."
"Ted has proven to be a man of his word in both cost analysis, and an uncanny knowledge of city and county building codes. His reputation with the health department is impeccable. His budget expertise, with an emphasis on state of the art design and development, is unequaled in my experience of forty some years in the food industry.  Not only is the finished    product exactly, or beyond our expectations, but we have always come in at, or under budget, and on time!"
"When I opened my business five years ago, Ted Curtis took charge of the design and construction of the building. His knowledge and experience in the restaurant and construction business was priceless. He saved me thousands of dollars in the cost of starting up a restaurant. The workmanship by Ted and the members of his company was timely and very professional. To this day, if I have any problems or concerns regarding anything, Ted is the one on the scene to help. In the food business, this kind of relationship is very valuable. It's like finding a good doctor."
"You are in the same position I was last year, in search of a general contractor that will be honest, fair and do a great job for you. Hidden Hollow Construction is that company. We used Ted Curtis and his crew for the construction of our offsite commercial kitchen and complete remodel of our retail grocery store. The entire process was daunting, but Ted walked us through every step with a wealth of knowledge, good advice and support. I can't recommend them highly enough"
"Our first project with Hidden Hollow was the kitchen. When we were interviewing Ted, he pointed out several ways he could save us money after just looking at our architectural plans. In fact, Ted and his company were able to save us thousands of dollars because of his in depth knowledge of every aspect of the building process"
“Hidden Hollow has now built two new tamale Shoppes for us in the past year. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to work with Ted and his crew. Because of Ted’s understanding of the restaurant industry, he was a collaborative and strategic partner in the build out process. He took our ideas and design and put life into them. Ted understands that he isn’t just doing a build out, he is enabling someone’s dream. He communicated every step of the way and kept the entire process on track. In addition to successfully completing his scope of work, he also kept me on track with my responsibilities. All this resulted in us getting a beautiful, ready to open Tamale Shoppe on time and on budget. As long as Ted is in business he is the only contractor in Arizona we will work with.”

Todd Martin
Owner, Tucson Tamale Company

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